What is your name? Stephanie Schwartz

Do you have any aliases? Waiting for my codename to be assigned to me.

Where are you from originally? I spent most of the last sixteen years in the state everyone loves to make fun of, New Jersey.

Where did you go to undergrad and what did you study? I attended Ramapo College of New Jersey — Elon’s scrappier and younger sibling — on the border between New Jersey and New York. I double majored in American Studies and Communication Arts, concentration Media/Cinema studies. My concentration no longer exists so I can’t link to it. Sad face. If I was there now I’d most likely major in the undergrad version of the iMedia program.

What is your position on the Cuba trip? I’m the designated writer/interviewer/transcriber. I help tell stories.

What does your personality bring to the team? We’ll find out.

How did you feel when you found out you were going to Cuba? I was surprised and happy, not just because it’s Cuba — which is obviously awesome — but because I get to work on an organic farm and spread the word about local and sustainable agriculture. I’m beginning to accept the fact that yes, I am a foodie, and so I am also looking forward to all the great food I’ll be eating there. That’s what I say every time someone asks me!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, I would love to be on Saturday Night Live like Neff, but I also want to be the one writing and telling the Weekend Update jokes. Throughout my life, I’ve fancied myself in a number of communications positions — everything from a music video director to a script supervisor — but I’ll probably work in something involving the web, data and ideas…at least for now.

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