Moving forward

16 Jan
group photo

Last day at the farm. Somehow we had forgotten to even take a group photo till then!

Team Cuba has set up a temporary lair in the basement of McEwen (the communication school at Elon). We took over a corner editing suite as our hub and everyday after our meeting, we branch out into the other bays. Every morning we get together and go over what we got accomplished the day before and what we plan to do during the day and we flip the count down sheet.

Yesterday’s quote was an ominous nugget attributed to Ben Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you are prepared to fail.” Luckily, it was just a reminder that we have been incredibly prepared for this project and it is one of the reasons everything else has been going so smoothly — knock on wood.

Today’s quote from Kurt Venturi is much more upbeat:  “I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.”

Tomorrow marks the half way point between our return from Cuba and when we must present a finished project. For the past few days we’ve been waiting on transcriptions of our interviews from our wonderful translator Monica. With out knowing exactly what was said in the interviews (we’ve been working off the very thorough notes of Anna and Stephanie) we were unable to move forward with some of our bigger projects. Yesterday we got some of those transcriptions back and it has been a flurry of activity since then.

Even without those notes, I’ve been incredibly impressed by what we have gotten accomplished in such a short amount of time. Before we left, we had meeting after meeting about what we wanted out of this project and what we wanted to deliver at the end of the semester and it is really exciting to see those plans come together so well. Now that we can start moving forward with the majority of our content all of our preparations are coming full circle and we are pushing ourselves to add things that test our limits as designers and content creators. I can’t wait till we can finally show everyone the final product!


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