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¡Vamos a Cuba!

9 Oct

Who are all those attractive people in your header? From left, Alexandra Porter, Will Neff, Stephanie Schwartz, Anna Davis, Ben Robinson, Rachel Brent

What are they smiling about? We’re going to Cuba!

Ha. That’s funny. Americans aren’t allowed in Cuba. Actually, you can if you are a student (that’s us!), a missionary, a journalist on assignment, a doctor, or if you have business interests in Cuba.

Learn something new every day! Why are you going? We are going to Cuba to help tell the story of Organopónico Vivero Alamar, one of the oldest community farms in Cuba. You’ll be hearing more about that later.

Awesome…so why make a blog? Part of what is going to make this trip so great are the people who are involved and we wanted to share that. Check out their pages and interviews to learn more about them, as well as checking back for weekly posts. You’ll learn more about our creative process and what makes everybody tick!

Sweet. Can you bring me back a cigar? I can’t make any promises.