We’re in the school newspaper!

6 Feb

We’re in the school newspaper!

Vivero Alamar was highlighted in an article I wrote for Elon’s student newspaper, The Pendulum, this week, where I focus on the farm and Cuba’s transformation into a sustainable agriculture and organic farming hub.

The article was in both the print and online versions of the paper.



Food in Cuba, Part One: Oh, Those Tourist Traps: Hotels and Restaurants

3 Feb

There are so many things that make Cuba Cuba. Our website,, only highlighted a fraction of the amazing things we saw. Although the website spotlighted the farm we visited, we experienced many other scenes just as vivid as what you see there.

So much of our project was about food, which is the end product of the majority of what was produced on the farm. Being tourists, we got to experience the best of what Cuba has to offer. This is the first of two posts on the food we ate in Cuba, this one focusing on the touristy, hotel meals we had. After the jump are some of the things I (or we) ate.

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La Zorra y el Cuervo, Jazz Club

27 Jan

So the last thing in Cuba you expect to see is a random London telephone box that is used as an entrance to a Cuban Jazz Club. Yes, re-read my last sentence. There is a great Jazz Club in Cuba where the entrance is a London telephone box. The entry fee was only $10.00 and upon entry you receive 2 complimentary drinks! Yes, this is real. We had the opportunity to listen to some music. Check out this short clip.


Visit The Website:

Big Day

24 Jan

Yesterday’s quote was from General George S. Patton: “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” It was a good quote to get us through a very long day, but I think today we’re all definitely feeling the exhilaration. We present our website to the rest of the iMedia class as well as our professors and a few administrators today at 10am. Wish us luck!  Oh! And check out the site while you’re at it. You can click the link or visit it at We hope you love it as much as we do.


3 Days to Go

20 Jan

Our website is coming together for Organoponico Vivero Alamar. Only 3 days of work left to put the finishing touches on the project. We’ll all be spending long hours in the lab. Here’s a taste of what we will be working to.


A Ride In Cuba

20 Jan

I often get asked the question what do the streets of Cuba look like? Well, lucky for everyone who is curious we put a GoPro on our bus and recorded some of our drive. This is a short video of our journey and we hope you enjoy!

(Music By Bobbi Humphrey – Harlem River Drive)


Architecture of Cuba

19 Jan

Here are some photos that I took on my iPhone 4s of some of the beautiful buildings I saw in Cuba.